Mines Of Phandelver

Session 5

After Killing glass staff we took his body to the town master and had him buried.

-Found Quest – Find ruins just outside town called old owl well
-prospectors chased by undead
-30 miles north east of town
Find out what is going on

-Found Quest – cragmar Castle
-Save Gundran
-Retrieve map that gundran had
-20 miles north

Found Quest from sister Garial Go to Coney Berry
-Visit banshee and ask about Bojental spell book
-Conceded about looks
-Will Only Answer one question
-Given Silver Comb that will help wit question
-Member of the harpers
-Runs Local Shrine

-Quest Found – Quelline Alderlade – Find Friend
-Her friend Fride Redoff the druid
-Went to thunder tree a few days ago
-Haven’t heard from him in a while
-50 miles to the north east

-Found Quest – Orc Encampment
-Travel to wyvern Torn
-Orcs are raiding travelers
-100 Gold to exterminate

-Town is concerned about retaliation from cragmar castle



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